*Has six variable voice  change apply to the main telephone with detachable
microphone must be between the joints.

*andwithin the microphone to the speaker for condenser microphones or moving coil microphone to use digital signal processing technology will be the voice of people Through variable VOICE CHANGER will pitch upgrading 3 of the male- female or lower-paragraph 3. use: *Alone at home, the caller will think that men or more at home at home to prevent evil thought. *can identify the caller or answer can't guess who you are ? *You can use it in an office to mislead the caller to think that there are a lot of persons in the office. *When a person is very busy in the office, he or she can use the device to cut a lot of the calls short without making the callers angry. *many important friends of the telephone and personnel between the jokes. *Male about his girlfriend over the woman's family could easily hurdle.
Power: 9V batteries or DC9V adapter        Size: 14.5 X 9.8 X 3.8 (cm)

TVC-862 VOICE CHANGER for Home phone


voice changer for indoor telephone, mobile phones, computer

Allows you to change men, women and children to different voices.
Application of objects and places